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Take Flight

An adventure in Cirque: Collaboration with Imaginez Ensemblez of Chicago/Milwaukee. Created by Imaginez.

Cast: Genesee Spridco as Fink, Ariel Begley as Kiki, Brian Begley as Bumbles.

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Otis & Tricksy

Sign Language Picture Book Developed with Chad and Anna Cable as a SDAC Artist Collaboration Grant (2012-13).

Story by Mary Begley; photography, illustrations and graphics by Chad Cable; Sign Language consultant Anna Cable.


Discovery Mime Theatre

On Tour with Brian Begley, Mary Inman, & Ariel Begley; performed across US, in Canada, Mexico, and a special tour in Costa Rica

comedia del arte


Commedia Del Arte
in the Park

Italian Renaissance style entertainment recreated through the use of slapstick, mask, mime, acrobatics, swordplay, and bawdy dialogue.

Cast: Tom Pearson, Ariel Begley, Kyle Wasserman, Brian Begley, and Mary Inman

2005 – 2006

Short Folk in Tall Tales

The magical world of little people folklore is brought to life through the use of body puppets, stilt-walking, circus tricks, juggling, and illusions.

Cast: Mary Inman, Brian Begley, and Ariel Begley

2003 – 2004


Giant trees, frogs, mice, moles, and birds interact with delightful marionettes to bring this Hans Christian Anderson tale to life.

Cast: Mary Inman, Brian Begley, and Ariel Begley
Music: Eric Chappelle
Marionettes: Doug Strich

vaudville vintage vingnettes


Vaudeville Vintage Vignettes

Brian Begley is a one-man extravaganza of physical comedy performing original comic routines in the Vaudeville style.

1986 - 1997

What a Way to Surrender

A full-length drama told through mime, modern dance, and music exploring the effects of war and abortion.

Cast: Mary Inman and Brian Begley


1988 - 2002

From Our Family to Yours

Original pantomime shows for family audiences from a family of performers.

Cast: Brian Begley, Mary Inman, Arthur Begley, Anthony Begley, and Ariel Begley.


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